Tattoo Aftercare Dial Soap

H2ocean blue green foam soap by.

Tattoo aftercare dial soap. Dial liquid hand soap. I have used numerous different soaps as i have gotten more and more tattoos this is the soap i have found to be the best in terms of quality moisturizing ability and price. Allow tattoo to dry for 5 minutes pat again with paper towel.

Dial gold antibacterial hand soap. 5 keep your tattoo clean with soap and water. Across the board dial gold is the classic go to says bryce.

Tattoo aftercare in 2 3 hours remove bandage clean the tattoo with unscented dial antimicrobial soap and warm water pat dry with a paper towel. If you are out and about working getting dirty wash it more than if you are sitting on the couch watching scooby doo re runs. Current tattoo aftercare methods.

The most important part of healing your tattoo is keeping it clean with soap and water. Do not re wrap your tattoo do not expose it to direct sunlight or soak in water. Remove bandage in 2 24 hours after application.

Dont forget to pick up a quality tattoo lotion for the duration of your tattoo aftercare. After tattoo is dry apply a thin layer of aveno unscented hand lotion to the tattoo. Gently pat tattoo dry with a clean paper towel.

Aftercare should not be an afterthought. Keeping your tattoo free from infection is very important and dial makes a great antibacterial soap for tattoo aftercare. It is a mere matter of common sense.

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